Rhythm Cleaning Vinegar

Rhythm Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning vinegar is a staple of cleaning products – it is a versatile, non-toxic option that has been used for generations.

Rhythm’s Cleaning Vinegar is arguably the most versatile product in the Rhythm Cleaning Range; it can be used to clean all surfaces in the kitchen (including food prep areas) and the bathroom to tackle soap scum and dirt, and let’s not forget one of the most popular uses of cleaning vinegar – the windows!

Like other Rhythm products, it is easy to use (simply spray and wipe with a damp cloth, or for tough areas, leave to work for a few minutes before rinsing with water).

Something that sets Rhythm’s Cleaning Vinegar apart from many other cleaning vinegars on the market is its pleasant rosemary and lavender scent, which is great for those who love the natural disinfecting properties of vinegar but don’t want their home smelling like a fish and chip shop.

And as you expect from the Rhythm cleaning range, the cleaning vinegar is a perfect choice if you don’t want to impact the environment or our waterways; it is non-toxic, biodegradable and made without any nasties including chlorine, bleach and ammonia.

It is the perfect option for those who want their home to be safe and clean, without exposing their families to chemical smells or nasty ingredients.

Rhythm’s cleaning vinegar is Australian made, Australian owned and it, along with the rest of the Rhythm cleaning range is available nationally from IGA stores or you can purchase online, www.bettacleaning.com.au.