Why You Should Go Eco

Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning is important for keeping our houses in good condition and for preserving our health, but in today's busy world, when everything seems to be at our fingertips, it's simple to find ourselves pulling towards products that promise a quick and easy clean without ever pausing to think about precisely what we're bringing into our homes.


Breathe in that fresh air

While employing harmful chemicals around your home has several concerns, one that you might not be aware of is how utilising harsh chemical cleaners can contaminate the air in your house through the evaporation of toxic fumes and vapours.


Unfortunately, a lot of people have the misconception that standard cleaning solutions, which typically have a strong odour after use, clean "better" than environmentally friendly ones, which typically have a mild odour or no odour at all.


It's vital to remember that cleaning supplies with strong scents do not get rid of odour molecules. The molecules of odour are still present. Simply said, your nose can't detect them since it only detects the chemical product. Since they use only natural components, eco-friendly goods don't pollute the air in your house.


Despite having a fast-acting, high-performance solution that is completely biodegradable, solvent, and acid-free, our Rhythm Tile & Grout Cleaner still has a delicious grapefruit and citrus aroma.


More love to the environment

Although common household cleaning supplies aren't frequently thought of as pollutants, the harsh chemicals they contain can degrade drinking water quality, cause smog, and could be hazardous to both plants and animals. It's challenging for water treatment facilities to remove them in significant volumes when they're discharged into the water system, and some of them can't be removed at all. They then accumulate over time, having an effect on plant and animal life as well as poisoning the ecosystem.


Throughout the world, cleaning materials and chemicals amount to billions of litres per year. As a result, our wastewater contains somewhere between 80,000 and 140,000 chemical pollutants from cleaning products.


You may significantly lessen the harmful effects that conventional cleaning supplies have on our environment by adopting ecologically friendly cleaning solutions. This is a chance to assist the sustainability of our rivers while also reducing your carbon impact.


Our Rhythm Cleaning Vinegar is 100 percent biodegradable, effective against germs, and ideal for disinfecting places where food is produced. It may also be used to remove soap scum, filth, and mildew.


Rhythm Floor Cleaner for easy mopping

Safe and healthy? Yes please!

Some conventional cleaning agents have been related to asthma, allergic responses, and skin irritation, which has been demonstrated to be harmful to human health.


Eco-friendly items can assist to enhance your home's indoor air quality and hence aid to lower some health concerns including chemical poisoning, skin rashes, and eye and respiratory infections, to mention a few. Green cleansers adhere to high standards for toxicity and skin absorption and are not corrosive.


Some of the best natural cleaning products are made using a combination of non-toxic plant-based components that are found in nature. Rhythm's floor cleaner is entirely biodegradable, devoid of palm oil, phosphates, SLS, and SLES.


Save that dollar dollar

Cheaper does not necessarily imply greener. Many individuals wrongly believe that green cleaning is a high-end service that is beyond of their price range. It is actually so much more cost-effective than what most people realise, though.


Many natural eco-friendly cleaning solutions are as cheap as, if not even more, affordable than their conventional equivalents. These factors, along with the public's growing desire for green services, make it possible to obtain them at a fairly low cost. In actuality, the prices of all of our cleaning supplies are quite low compared to those of typical supermarket brands. Consider all-purpose cleaners as an alternative to multiple cleaning supplies to save money and avoid having to purchase numerous cleaning supplies.


You will find that our Eco-friendly, water-based Rhythm All Purpose Cleaner is not only completely biodegradable, it is also ideal for any room in your house, including the kitchen, baths, patios, and BBQ.


What makes it so clean?

Have you ever studied the ingredient list on the back of a cleaning product and discovered a long list of 30 distinct mind-boggling chemical names that you can't even begin to pronounce, let alone recognise?


Do not worry; Rhythm's ingredient list is not only manageable, but you can also discover the functions that each ingredient serves in your product. Check out our Ingredients page to remove the guesswork!