Effective & Eco Friendly

An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution For Your Family

Like you, we want our kids to enjoy everything the world has to offer. But the reality is, so many of the traditional cleaning products on the market are taking a toll on our precious water sources and local wildlife. 

You shouldn’t have to harm the environment to keep your home clean. And you shouldn’t have to spend more hours, energy and money on an eco-friendly option. 

We’re an Australian, independently owned and operated company, and our Rhythm cleaning products were created first-and-foremost to fit into the ebbs and flows of your family’s day-to-day life. 

Rhythm Cleaning - and will always be - family-friendly, biodegradable, safe and recyclable. 

But Can They Really Clean & Disinfect Properly?

We hear this a lot. And the short answer is yes!

Our products don’t contain classic cleaning chemicals like chlorine, bleach, ammonia, colours or other dangerous substances. But that doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality. Quite the opposite. We’ve worked long and hard to find a balanced formula that is safe AND effective. 

And quite honestly, our customers are blown away by just how effective Rhythm cleaning products are compared to many of the big brands..

Our cleaning products aren’t just whipped together by combining a few natural ingredients. Sustainable solutions always require ingenuity and a lot of hard work. They require going the extra mile. And we did - that’s how Rhythm was born. 

Rhythm is Life.